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Naturopath For Health And Well-Being

Kerikeri, Takapuna, New Zealand

Make Living Life Easier

Too busy, too stressed and too much work?

Soon the effects of an over-stressed life can take its toll on your health. 

At Starfish Naturopathy, here in Kerikeri and Takapuna, I offer a caring, customised, and natural approach to helping you reclaim your health and well-being and make life easier a little bit easier.

Making A Difference, One Person At A Time


Get to the root of your symptoms and discover what your body’s telling you.


With a clear plan and support to implement it, you’ll not have to go it alone when it comes to your family’s health.


Rediscover life beyond symptoms and live life with more vitality and enjoyment.

Embrace A Healthy, Energised Life

The effects of an over-stressed life can creep up on us.

Many of my clients come with a history of sleep problems, digestive issues, headaches and fatigue. Niggling health problems that, over time, have got more significant and now take the edge off being able to enjoy life. 

As a gentle, natural healing system that treats the root cause of symptoms rather than just addressing the symptoms, naturopathy is the perfect way to support your whole-body health. 

Allowing you to gain back your energy and motivation and leave the couch behind.

What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy (also known as naturopathic medicine) is a holistic approach to your health that aims to treat the root cause instead of the symptoms. We can achieve lasting results rather than short-term fixes by using dietary and lifestyle changes, herbal medicine, and supplements if required.


Naturopathic practitioners believe in the healing power of nature and the body's ability to heal itself when given the right conditions and support.


Instead of focusing solely on symptom relief, naturopaths aim to identify the underlying causes of illness and address them to promote long-term health.


First, do no harm. Naturopaths use gentle, non-invasive therapies with minimal side effects to reduce the risk of harm.


Naturopaths treat the whole person. We consider a person's physical, mental, emotional, and social health to provide comprehensive care.


By promoting and supporting a healthy lifestyle and addressing risk factors, naturopaths seek to prevent illness before it occurs.


Naturopathic practitioners aim to educate and empower their clients with the information they need to take responsibility for their own health.

Your Appointment At Starfish Naturopathy

At your first appointment, we’ll get to know each other.

We’ll talk about what you’ve been experiencing and the changes you’re looking for. I’ll take a detailed history that includes

  • Full medical history

  • Lifestyle assessment

  • Physical and emotional health and well-being

  • Prescribed medication

  • Supplement use

  • Dietary intake

This information will give me an idea of what’s going on and whether we need to do any further testing to get to the root of what you’re experiencing. And create your tailored treatment plan.

I know making changes can often be challenging. Especially when you have a busy life and might be accounting for habits and food preferences of your family as well as yourself. 

That’s why we work closely together over a series of appointments to tailor and adjust your plan.

As part of your treatment plan, I may recommend we use any or all of the following cornerstones of naturopathic care;

Medical herbalism

With a history of use going back thousands of years, modern medical herbalists combine traditional knowledge and evidence-based practice to assist with acute and chronic health conditions.


After a detailed conversation about your experiences, I may recommend targeted, high-quality nutritional supplements to augment the diet and assist the body in functioning better.


When indicated, functional testing such as hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA), organic acid testing (OAT) or microbiome mapping (GI-Map) may help to identify imbalances and better inform the treatment that I recommend.


After analysing your current dietary intake, I provide personalised nutrition advice, including meal plans and implementation of specialised diets, if required.

Hi, I’m Natalie

It’s frustrating when health niggles start taking over your life.

You might have tried Googling your symptoms or taking a pill. But nothing’s bringing relief. 

I understand how hard it is to get lasting results. And the best way to get them is to find the root cause of your health challenges and start your healing from this point. 

As a naturopath, I provide compassionate, personalised, natural solutions to help you feel healthy, well and able to go out and enjoy life again.

Degree qualified: Bachelor of Natural Medicine

Member, Naturopaths and Medical Herbalists of New Zealand

Live Life Beyond Symptoms, Rediscovering Joy and Vitality

  • Personalised naturopathic assessment.

  • Appropriate testing, if required, to help get to the root of the problem. 

  • Treatment plan including supplements, diet, lifestyle, and medical herbals as needed.

  • Comprehensive review schedule to make sure you’re heading towards your goals.

Appointments online or in-person at my Kerikeri or Takapuna, Auckland clinics

Initial appointment is 75-90 minutes, from $120

Follow-up appointments are 30-45 minutes from $70

Experience The Transformative Power Of Naturopathy In Your Life


Book a free discovery call

Let’s talk through what you’ve been experiencing and see if I can help you.


Get Your Personalised Plan

At your appointment, I’ll devise a plan based on your individual challenges and move you towards your goals.


Focus On Life Again

By getting to the root of the problem, you’ll be able to look forward to focusing on life, not symptoms.

How Many Appointments Will I Need, And Other Questions You Might Have

How many appointments will I need?

At your first appointment, I focus on clearly understanding where you are at with your health and what might be underlying your symptoms. You will usually receive a health plan at this appointment, or if your case is particularly complex – including if multiple prescribed medications are involved - we will book a second, complimentary appointment for you to receive your health plan.

Can I use insurance?

Some policies do include cover for consultations with registered naturopaths, and I am registered as a professional member of NMHNZ. Please check with your insurer whether your own policy covers naturopathic consultations.

Do you have online or in-person appointments?

I offer online Zoom appointments and in-person consultations in my Kerikeri clinic, plus a weekly in-person clinic in Takapuna, Auckland.

How does naturopathy work?

Naturopathy provides a holistic model of health care, taking into account the person as a whole, their mind, spirit and emotions, and the body as its whole rather than just as its component parts. In practice, this will mean taking a very detailed medical and personal history, so I can best understand how to help you improve your health using appropriate dietary and lifestyle changes, herbal remedies, and supplementation if required.

Registered naturopaths in New Zealand need to have met educational criteria – currently a three-year degree – and undertake continuing professional development. We work alongside allied and other medical practitioners, including GPs. Naturopathy is a complementary, rather than alternative, medicine.

How soon can I expect to see results?

This will depend on your presenting health, whether your condition is acute, chronic, or complex, as well as on your own preference and capacity to implement the dietary and lifestyle changes required for better health.

Whilst we can often make positive changes quite quickly, sometimes the healing process requires deeper work in the background before a real change is felt.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to change or cancel your appointment time, let me know 24 hours in advance, or a 50% cancellation fee will apply.